We FIX The Disabled Windows Computer's Others Can't


No Subscriptions, No Gimmicks, No Techs



With LikeNEWPC Software - Now anyone can fix and Protect Disabled, Badly Infected & Slow Windows Computers from Home! Safe & Easy to Use, LikeNEWPC is well tested and validated software that performs complete (all in one) Windows computer repair. Designed for novices to be fully-automated and run unattended, LikeNEWPC is easy enough for beginners but powerful enough for the Pros.


LikeNEWPC has two great products to ensure your computer runs fast and keeps your personal data safe from cyber bad guys.

Run now on this computer - Cleans all types of cyber security threats including those that steal your personal data. LikeNewPC Scan & Protect is the only software that targets specific threat types with 5 different scanners & tools. Targeted & redundant scans provide maximum cyber security. Run free LikeNewPC twice a month and keep yourself safe from internet bad guys.

Take to non-starting computer - Fix Disabled, non-starting, non-booting & badly infected computers. Allows you to create a bootable USB drive to take to the broken computer and run our patent pending repairs for free!

What it Does:

LikeNEWPC automates complex and low level repairs so even novices can FIX disabled, badly infected and slow computers. The program runs 8-12 different tools and scanners to protect your PC, thoroughly remove security threats and FIX problems the others can’t. Disabling failures such as No Startup, No Boot, Freezes, bad infections, Hard Drive, Corrupt Driver, Missing Files and DLL’s, Blue/Black screens and more can be repaired by anyone! LikeNEWPC is secure as it downloads from the cloud and never installs on your Computer. The First of its Kind, a virus scanner, registry cleaner, low level repair tool, backup and data recovery product all in one!

Our Two Step Process Runs 8-12 Scanners & Tools to Thoroughly FIX ALL PC Problems!

Step 1 performs low level fixes and validation on boot, system files, hard drive, drivers and hanging programs to repair non-starting or disabled computers. For best results it is advised that this step be ran in its entirety without interruption.

Step 2 is the best Virus / Malware and Cleaning product available today for Slow and badly infected computers. Leveraging the stability obtained during step 1, we then use 5-7 different industry leading scanners and tools in a redundant process to remove ALL types of malicious programs. No other product provides this level of cleaning and repair.