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Virus Truth, Facts and Realities:

Ever find yourself wondering why someone would create a Virus or Malware? Who stands to benefit? Why anyone would want to disrupt someone’s digital life? Beyond popular belief, Microsoft is not the culprit here. In fact, it's the exact opposite, Microsoft is the good guy. If not for Microsoft opening their software architecture and allowing thousands of companies to develop products we would be years behind as far as digital advancements. Many startups have thrived thanks to their insight giving innovators opportunity that others have not. Sadly, the bad guys have perverted this openness and utilized the vulnerabilities to create these threats. We at LikeNEWPC believe there are THREE TYPES of threats.

The FIRST is the payment extortion type mostly called ransomeware, keylogers, rootkits. They can lock up your computer, encrypt your files, take bank or personal information or threaten destruction or legal action. Providing payment to the perpetrator may or may not gain relief. These types of virus make up a very small percentage of all that are created but can be the hardest to remove.

The SECOND are the destructive type of virus or malware that messes with your start up, hard drive, etc. with the sole intent of being malicious. Sorry, but the people who create these are a part of society and it happens. Once again this type of virus is a small percentage of all that are created.

The first two types of threats seem to have an end game being a Payment or Gratification of some sort and make logical sense.

The THIRD is the most perplexing type of computer security threat. It can be a virus, malware, rootkit or other intruder. It basically slows down your computer and internet to the point that it is disabled and no longer functions. When this happens, we have been taught through many hundreds of millions of marketing dollars that our computers are too old and slow and that we need a new one. This threat constitutes the majority of all consumer computer hacks in the world.

Consumer Manipulation:

The average computer end user utilizes their PC to go on the internet, create Word & Spreadsheet documents, go on Facebook, etc. They typically utilize less than 120 Gig of storage and operate fine with only 2 Gig of RAM. Thus, the average consumer has enough speed and memory to accomplish what they need to do with an 8 year old dual core computer with 120 Gig hard disk and 2GB of RAM. In addition, another little known fact is that there were only a handful of manufacturers making Ethernet (internet) chips for computers over the last 10 years. Most computers have the same chips and transfer internet data at the SAME RATE! Slowing of your internet connection is seldom your computers hardware; it has been your internet provider or viruses! Don't buy into the marketing BS…. Today’s computers have vastly outpaced the speed and storage requirements of the average end user. That old computer you set aside is perfectly fine for you or someone else to utilize. Don’t throw them away anymore… make them run Like NEW with LikeNEWPC.

Where do I get Viruses?

FREE is NOT FREE!! Many Viruses, Malware, Spyware, trojans and other tracking, logging, Rootkits etc. are downloaded when you click to install FREE programs. Many of the FREE Games, Coupon, Driver Updaters, Software, music & video Torrents, etc. are really threats disguised as something you want. By clicking on ANYTHING you are potentially authorizing an install of an unwanted item. Even web pages, pictures, social media articles, spoof pages of websites etc. can potentially be a threat. The best practice is to not click on anything unless you are absolutely sure it is what you want. Even then make sure you check the name in the download window to ensure it resembles the name of what you were trying to download. MANY download buttons on web pages are FAKE. Even though you are on the right website they place download buttons through purchased ads, etc. that make you think your downloading your product but are not. Verifying the NAME of your download is absolutely essential.

Which Protection & Removal Programs Work?

NONE of THEM by themselves!!! It has been demonstrated that Software Programs on the market today that offer Virus, Malware, Spyware, RootKit and other protection and removal are not singularly effective. Not only do they let many threats get through, (mostly because YOU authorize them by clicking), they are also marginally effective in removing them once they are there. Basically, even though you paid money to stop intrusions, no one product can ensure your protection. Because of the multitude and variety of malicious threats even the experts are saying no one is safe! In addition, many times the very programs you purchased to protect you are conflicting with others or are being bogged down by viruses, malware, etc. and are the cause of your slow computer. This is why it is necessary to uninstall certain programs to speed up your computer.

Can I be Protected?

YES!! It's like washing grease off of your hands, it may take several attempts and time but eventually most of it will come off. LikeNEWPC uses over 12 different tools and processes to repair, remove and clean infected computers. The key is in the redundancy and effectiveness of multiple software and tools combined into a process. By using several Partner Companies software we can check for the same threats a multitude of times. By overlapping scanners and removal tools we are able to by far remove more threats than our competitors. In addition, once all threats are removed we actually repair the hard disk, files and Windows settings the threats have affected. Essentially we clean and restore your computer to a working state using redundancy. The key is in our process, advanced recovery technologies and automation. Try LikeNEWPC, it WORKS!