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Introduction ...

The Problem:

The computer industry and scam artists are ripping off the general public. Driven by aggressive one up marketing that’s based on speed and capacity, consumers are being sold powerful computers that way outpace their needs. In addition, Malware and Viruses are disabling perfectly good computers to the point they are slow, can’t access the internet or won’t even start up. The inexperienced are being taken advantage of and computers are going to landfills way before their time. Who benefits from this trend and why is it happening?

Ever find yourself wondering why someone would create a Virus or Malware? Why anyone would want to disrupt someone’s digital life? Microsoft’s open architecture has helped thousands of startup companies be successful but the downside is it makes it easy for hackers to manipulate. Sadly, the bad guys have perverted this openness and utilized the vulnerabilities to create disabling computer threats. We at LikeNEWPC believe there are THREE TYPES of threats.

The FIRST is the payment extortion type mostly called ransomeware, keylogers, rootkits. They can lock up your computer, encrypt your files, take bank or personal information or threaten destruction or legal action. Providing payment to the perpetrator may or may not gain relief.

The SECOND are the destructive type of virus or malware that messes with your start up, hard drive, etc. with the sole intent of being malicious. Sorry, but the people who create these are a part of society and it happens.

The first two types of threats seem to have an end game being a Payment or Gratification of some sort and make logical sense.

The THIRD is the most pervasive type of computer security threat. It can be a virus, malware, rootkit or other intruder. It basically slows down your computer and internet to the point that it is disabled and no longer functions. When this happens, we have been taught through many hundreds of millions of marketing dollars that our computers are too old and slow and that we need a new one. In addition, these intrusions make it easy for scammers to manipulate the inexperienced and falsify repairs. This threat constitutes the majority of all consumer computer hacks in the world. Why would someone want to disable your computer? Who stands to benefit?

This is the catalyst that drove PCPinpoint Technologies, Inc. founders to create LikeNEWPC. We believed consumers needed to be empowered to fix their own computer problems like the pro’s to limit the fraud and needless waste. Our research determined as much as 80% of the computers being thrown out or set aside could be repaired to run LikeNEW! In addition, after being repaired most users were satisfied with the speed or felt the computers could be donated and re-tasked. The end result is less impact on the environment and more consumer savings. There is a new sheriff in town helping to cleanup needless computer waste….. LikeNEWPC allows anyone to fix disabled, badly infected and slow windows computers from home!