We FIX The Disabled Windows Computer's Others Can't


No Subscriptions, No Gimmicks, No Techs


Be Your OWN GEEK & FIX Problems from your own Home!

PCPinpoint Technologies, Inc. - LikeNEWPC is the first automated computer repair service that cleans and fixes a majority of disabled or badly infected Windows computers With Just ONE Click! Our repair program is easy enough to use for beginners but powerful enough for professionals. LikeNEWPC is designed to run a series of sophisticated repair tools and Virus / Malware scanners on its own without end user interaction. The end result 4-12 hours later is a computer that runs LikeNEW without the help of a technician.

Why LikeNEWPC is Different:

• LikeNEWPC makes you the geek by automating advanced repairs only the Pros use!

• LikeNEWPC is unlike all the others, it’s a virus scanner, registry cleaner, file fixer, boot fixer and hard disk repair tool all in one!

• LikeNEWPC is a thorough process that automatically runs over 12 different repairs fixing Most Windows computer problems.

• LikeNEWPC is Easy and safe to use. No program is installed as it runs from the cloud. No user data is ever accessed or stored during repairs.

• LikeNEWPC is the only service on the market that fixes disabled, badly infected and slow windows computers.

• LikeNEWPC Easy-Backup allows you get your files & pictures off of disabled, locked or non-starting computers.

• LikeNEWPC is the only product that allows YOU to fix disabling hardware and software problems like hard disk, boot, freeze, missing files and blue/black screens.

• LikeNEWPC removes programs and remnants that are locking, conflicting or slowing down your computer.

We Protect your Personal Data and FIX the following problems:

1) Hard drive not booting, not recognized, No Partition, Ntloader missing, and defect issues.

2) Virus, Malware, Spyware, Trojans, Some Ransomware, Tracking and Rootkit issues.

3) Windows registry, permissions, icons, security, components, error codes and file issues.

4) Internet slow, not connecting, popups and lockups.

5) Computer slow, blue screens, powering off, freezes etc.

We can’t fix the following:

LikeNEWPC is designed to FIX almost all Windows software, security and computer problems. We can't fix Hardware related issues such as LCD/Monitor problems, Hard Disk Not Found, Electronic Damage and computers that appear to be getting no power at all.

Recover Pictures & Files:

LikeNEWPC is designed for catastrophic computer failures and can recover pictures and files off of broken computers. We have incorporated automated computer backup features that will allow you to recover and backup your information if accessible, prior to repairs. LikeNEWPC will automatically calculate space requirements and prompt you for an external hard disk or USB thumb drive to secure your stuff. The automated easy option will backup you’re my documents files & pictures folders. The advanced option will let you choose which files to backup automatically!

How do I Donate?

The program runs two independent steps and then the computer will boot up LikeNEW when completed! Once you validate repairs are successful simply click on the donation option and pay us for our service if your wish. If we did not repair your computer don't donate! It’s that simple!

More About LikeNEWPC:

LikeNEWPC was designed to address and fix most all of the non-detective hardware problems that disable a windows computer. We FIX errors our competitors cant like Boot/Startup issues, Blue/Black Screens, No or Slow Internet, Startup/Freezing and then lastly we remove Malware/Viruses to complete the repairs. Our service is guaranteed to make your computer run LikeNEW. Optional $20 donation only when your computers fixed, PERIOD!

No Subscriptions – Use us ONLY when you need us. No annual renewal or fees of any kind.

Safe and Secure, LikeNEWPC does not install and runs from the cloud – Only your Computer's configuration and test information is used during repairs. Customer data and files are never opened or saved. PERIOD!

LineNEWPC does NOT store or sell any information our customers provide. Optional payment is through PayPal (very safe). Customer email addresses are not collected. We do not request any personal information.

FIX & Recycle Broken Computers – Our service will fix disabled and severely infected computers for reuse. Most computers set aside are still usable, help recycle and share your retired computers with others.

Our Guarantee – What do you have to lose? We will fix the disabled computers & protect your personal data that others cant. As such we only ask for a $20 donation AFTER we have fixed and protected your PC.

How do I run it?

Click on the download button and then select your download type.

1. Download the "Scan & Protect" program on this computer and start repairs NOW.

2. Download repair software to create a bootable LikeNEWPC Startup USB and take to a disabled computer that won't start, does not connect to the internet, has a bad hard drive, blue/black screens or other disabling problem. (NOTE: This option MUST be used for Windows XP computers)

3. Copy the LikeNEWPC.exe file to a USB Thumb Drive and take to another sick computer.

LikeNEWPC is ran in two different "STEPS" the first step is more focused on low level repairs of hardware, missing files & components and boot issues. The second step performs more cleaning and removal of conflicting programs. Both are important and need to be completed. As we perform a task the steps will display "Running" to let you know what we are testing. Once a step is complete a checkmark will be show in green.

Your input and interaction is minimal. You may be asked to enter your wireless password, backup your files and to remove programs that are conflicting with others or slowing you down. Reading the instructions at the top of the individual steps we will show you in orange when you need to be with the computer. Most of the time just let it run on its own and check back when it requests you to.

The service is running although you may not see any activity. We have timeouts that may skip steps or check them. If a computer has massive infections we may run several programs multiple times. It is important to let the service finish. If you are concerned you can check the "Repairs Running" status box in the lower left. If its moving LikeNEWPC is still working. You can exit from the service at anytime. "Step 1 Repairs" must complete in its entirety. If you re-start your computer in "Step 1 Repairs" it will start at the beginning. "Step 2 Repairs" can be exited at anytime and will re-start where you left off.