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Our Team:

PCPinpoint Technologies, Inc. was founded by Harvey Lawton & Bob Wing who both have a long history of innovation and computer automation. Harvey was the original inventor of Fax On Demand, RID (Remote Interactive Diagnostics) for automated remote computer repair, and the first On-line Auto Insurance Quoting Service. Bob invented PC Pinpoint automated computer repair, automated hard drive testing and has patents in hard disk drives. Together both Harvey and Bob won the 2001 Comdex "Best Services" Category for their innovative computer support software. In short, they have set the trend in computer automation for many years.

Bob Wing, CEO - Bob Wing born and raised in Boulder Colorado and has always been at the forefront of computer automation inventing the first automated hard drive test program while at Xebec in 1985. In charge of development and product transition Xebec’s “Owl” SASI hard disk tested itself eliminating expensive equipment. Again as CEO of PC Peripherals, Inc., Bob developed ground breaking repair processes for volume hard disk drive repair and sales. Bob is credited for creating the White Label hard disk refurbished sales channel. He then set his sights on computer repair and invented PC Pinpoint automated computer support software.

Bob has patents in hard disk drives and software. Together both Harvey and Bob won the 2001 Comdex "Best Services" Category for PCPinpoint their innovative computer support software.

Bob likes camping, hiking, riding his motorcycle and traveling. His passion is helping others help themselves through automated technologies. He has a degree from the school of hard knocks and although he has several patents has been refused jobs due to the lack of a degree.

Harvey Lawton, President - Harvey is an expert in Microsoft programming languages, systems integration and OS system diagnostics.

Harvey was the inventor of Fax-On-Demand; he is the inventor of the 1st Windows based automated "Remote Interactive Diagnostics" (RID) and many other Windows desktop applications. He was a Founder and pioneer in automated insurance-quoting services forming the first interactive Fax-On-Demand & website (NetQuote.com). He is a founder, manager, developer for many other e-commerce sites and web based applications.

Harvey Lawton's inventions have been implemented by 100's companies including Motorola, Hewlett Packard, Earthlink, GCA corporation.

Our Philosophy:

Repairing and cleaning threats off computers the last 10 years Bob noticed there seemed to be some unexplainable inconsistencies with computer failures. Why was it that some bugs seemed to have an end game, i.e. asked for money and others just seemed to slow down your computer until you thought you needed a new one? In addition, why were you being sold computers 10 times faster than you needed with terabyte drives that you could never fill? It seemed to Bob that perfectly good computers were being bogged down purposely to whose benefit? Bob decided someone had to fix those computers and make them LikeNEW again and called Harvey with an idea for an automated computer repair service. It was time to put an end to all the waste and useless spending. We wanted to create a company to help people help themselves.

The LikeNEWPC Service:

LikeNEWPC is the first automated computer repair service for Windows that FIXES a majority of catastrophic PC problems. Our one click program is easy enough to use for beginners but powerful enough for professionals. LikeNEWPC is designed to run a series of sophisticated repair tools and Virus / Malware scanners with very little user interaction. Simply download and run the program from home. LikeNEWPC launches automatically and performs professional repairs that fix most computer problems.