We FIX The Disabled Windows Computer's Others Can't


No Subscriptions, No Gimmicks, No Techs


Customer Promises:

We Promise to provide our customers with advanced technologies and processes that will allow them to fix their own complex computer problems from home.

We promise to provide our customers a safe service that performs as advertised free from internet scams and worries and safe from fake software providers, unwanted software installations, cookies, and shady local tech support businesses.

We Promise to attempt to simplify our service so that anyone can run it providing protection to those novice users most at risk of being scammed or taken advantage of when seeking computer repairs.

We Promise to provide up to the minute repairs and protection where possible by partnering with and updating 3rd party tools and applications to keep up with emerging threats.

We Promise to continually identify threats, component issues, software conflicts and other as of yet unknown problems through statistical analysis of our test and service run data. We additionally Promise to provide this computer information to software and hardware manufacturers and other interested persons that wish to Help the computing industry with our knowledge. These parties will be thoroughly vetted for sincerity and usefulness to the computing community.

We Promise to only leave customer and test data on your computer. We do not install with an installer package and download only computer tests from the cloud. We Promise to minimize our footprint and impact on your computer as to not add to the potential of conflict or compatibility issues with other programs. We wish to be the solution, not part of the problem.

We Promise to allow users of our service free trials to repair their computers free of charge without upfront collection of emails, credit cards, or any other information. Our service was designed to help average end users fix their own computers. At the end of the repairs we give the users an option; if we fixed their computer they can opt to pay us $20 for our services or not.

We Promise to only collect computer data from our customers and to not store any email, credit card or other information that would potentially compromise our customers. In addition, we will NEVER sell any type customer information to another party.

We Promise to make every attempt possible to ensure our customers are satisfied and happy with our service and its ability to allow them to fix their own computer from home.