We FIX The Disabled Windows Computer's Others Can't


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FIX 1: If you experience problems downloading then your anti-virus/malware/firewall program may be blocking us. Please right click on the programs icon on the taskbar/tray (near bottom right of screen normally) and temporarily disable or "allow" LikeNEWPC download or run.

FIX 2: If you are still experiencing download issues then select the download from zip option from the download page.

Click on Download and then Run to Start LikeNEWPC. The program will run from the cloud and perform two separate steps with over 12 scanners and tools to thoroughly repair ALL Windows Computer problems. You will be instructed on screen when you need to be at your computer to help the automated program. Run times are typically 4-12 Hours depending on how big your hard drive is and how badly infected your computer is.