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LikeNEWPC Automated Recovery Program (Try This First)

AFTER RUNNING YOU HAVE BOOT OR OTHER ISSUES – LikeNEWPC is for disabled and badly infected computers. As such aggressive measures may be taken to repair defective computers and software. To alleviate any issues created while running our software we have built in a recovery program to roll back your computer should it have problems. Though incredibly infrequent, blue/black screens or non-booting can occur.

To initiate recovery, simply power off your computer by holding down the power button and then restart your computer. Start LikeNEWPC as you did initially. It will give you the option to Exit to Windows or Run Step 1 Repairs after it boots up. Selecting Exit to windows will reset your system to when you started repairs and then boot into windows.

This process may take several reboots as we attempt multiple repair types if the first one does not execute correctly. You will see the following pop-up on each reboot into LikeNEWPC. Simply click ok each time the pop-up is displayed.

Support Contact Information

We are a small start-up, as of now, but recognize the need to provide great customer service. In an industry and culture that pushes web contact instead of personalized service we want to position our company to be open and reachable. We would like to use email as our communication platform for now. If/when our support request volume dictates the need we will add a support team. We will notify you if and when this change takes place.

Still Having Problems - Email Support:

Please contact us at support@likenewpc.net. Response within 24 hours…