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November 15, 2017

Media Contact:
Bob Wing

PCPinpoint Technologies, Inc. announces LikeNewPC The Worlds First Fully-Atomated Computer Repair Software

Now anyone can fix Disabled, Badly Infected & Slow Windows Computers from Home!

Broomfield, Colo. — PCPinpoint Technologies Inc., the provider of LikeNEWPC Software, today announces its Web based automated Total PC Repair software for disabled Windows computers. Designed for inexperienced computer users, LikeNEWPC fixes problems that slow down and disable otherwise usable computers. Says Bob Wing, CEO “Stop throwing out or setting aside disabled computers, with LikeNEWPC some 75% of these computers can be fixed and redeployed instead of discarded”. For end users this means they can fix their own problems and retrieve previously un-retrievable pictures or files while helping reduce E-Waste.

Safe and Easy to use, LikeNEWPC is well tested and validated software that performs complete (all in one) Windows computer repair. Designed for novices to be fully-automated and run unattended, LikeNEWPC is easy enough for beginners but powerful enough for the Pros. The Two Step Process sequences twelve different scanners & Tools to thoroughly fix and clean most PC problems. It may take longer but it works.

Step one performs low level fixes repairing non-starting or disabled computers while validating boot, system files, hard drive, and drivers. Step two is the best Virus / Malware cleaning product available today for Slow and badly infected computers. Using seven different industry leading scanners and tools, step two runs a patent pending process that removes ALL types of malicious programs. No other product provides this level of thorough cleaning.

Says Harvey Lawton, Vice President “LikeNEWPC is the first product that enables average computer users to fix ALL of the disabling problems like the Pros do. Be it boot related, missing files, internet connections, blue screens, black screens or viruses, anyone can fix them from the comfort of their own home”.

LikeNEWPC is Safe and Secure as it Runs from the Cloud - Only PC information is used. LikeNEWPC is not a subscription but a service that is used anytime the consumer has a problem. Members of the media can utilize LikeNEWPC for free by going to the website www.likenewpc.net and downloading. For non-starting computers you can create a bootable USB/CD to run the program.

About PCPinpoint Technologies, Inc.

The privately held Colorado-based company was founded in 2014 by a management team with extensive experience in the mass storage, component repair, software development and technical support industries.