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LikeNEWPC Fact Sheet ...

Be Your OWN GEEK & FIX Problems from your own Home!

PCPinpoint Technologies, Inc. - LikeNEWPC is the first automated computer repair program that fixes a majority of disabled or badly infected Windows computers and secures your Personal Data With Just ONE Click! Our software is easy enough to use for beginners but powerful enough for professionals. LikeNEWPC is designed to run a series of sophisticated repair tools and Virus / Malware scanners on its own without end user interaction. The end result 4-12 hours later is a computer that runs LikeNEW without the help of a technician.

Why LikeNEWPC is Different:

• Makes you the geek by automating advanced repairs only the Pros use!

• LikeNEWPC is the only service on the market that fixes disabled, badly infected and slow windows computers.

• Unlike all the others, it’s a virus scanner, personal data protector, registry cleaner, file fixer, boot fixer and hard disk repair tool all in one!

• LikeNEWPC is a thorough process that automatically runs over 8-12 different repairs fixing Most Windows computer problems such as disabling hardware and software problems, hard disk, boot, freeze, missing files and blue/black screens!

• Easy and safe to use. No program is installed as it runs from the cloud. No user data is ever accessed or stored during repairs.

• Our Easy-Backup allows you get your files & pictures off of disabled, locked or non-starting computers.

• Removes programs and remnants that are locking, conflicting or slowing down your computer.

We FIX the following problems:

1) Hard drive not booting, not recognized, No Partition, Ntloader missing, and defect issues.

2) Virus, Malware, Spyware, Trojans, Some Ransomware, Tracking and Rootkit issues.

3) Windows registry, permissions, icons, security, components, error codes and file issues.

4) Internet slow, not connecting, popups and lockups.

5) Computer slow, blue screens, powering off, freezes etc.

We can’t fix the following:

LikeNEWPC is designed to FIX almost all Windows software, security and computer problems. We can't fix Hardware related issues such as LCD/Monitor problems, Hard Disk Not Found, Electronic Damage and computers that appear to be getting no power at all.

Recover Pictures & Files:

LikeNEWPC is designed for catastrophic computer failures and can recover pictures and files off of broken computers. We have incorporated DATA RECOVERY features that will allow you to recover and backup your information if accessible, prior to repairs. LikeNEWPC will prompt you for an external hard disk or USB thumb drive to secure your stuff. The automated easy option will backup you’re my documents files & pictures folders. The advanced option will let you choose which files to backup.

Little Known Industry Facts:

Do I need a new computer? The average computer end user utilizes their PC to go on the internet, create Word & Spreadsheet documents, go on Facebook, etc. They typically utilize less than 100 Gig of storage and operate fine with only 2 Gigs of RAM. Thus, the average consumer has enough speed and memory to accomplish what they need using an 8 year old dual core computer with 120 Gig hard disk and 2GB of RAM.

What causes your computer to slow down? Many times the very programs you purchased to protect you are conflicting with others or are being compromised by viruses, malware, etc. and are the cause of your slow computer. This is why it is necessary to uninstall and reinstall certain programs to speed up your computer.

80% of discarded computers are good. During our research and testing we discovered 80% of all disabled non-hardware related computers could be repaired to run Like NEW! Most of the computers discarded are due to software or virus/malware related issues that stopped the customers from accessing the internet.

Do Virus / Malware Protection Programs Work? NONE of THEM by themselves!!! It has been demonstrated that Security Programs on the market today that offer Virus, Malware, Spyware, RootKit and other protection and removal are not singularly effective. Not only do they let many threats get through, (mostly because YOU authorize them by clicking), they are also marginally effective in removing them once they are there. Basically, even though you paid money to stop intrusions, no single product can ensure your protection