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Frequently Asked Questions ...

Is LikeNEWPC Safe?

LikeNEWPC is ran from the cloud and does not collect any personal information. Our name is a registered US Trademark and is well tested and validated software. Our software package is digitally signed and validated as safe through Virustotal.com and Scamadviser.com. Our self help FAQ’s address any issues we have seen and if you still have a problem simply email LikeNEWPCrepair@gmail.com for assistance.

Can novices run LikeNEWPC?

LikeNEWPC was developed for novices to automate the complex repairs the computer repair pro’s use. With one click and very little interaction it runs unattended providing the most thorough cleaning, repair and personal data protector available on the market today.

How does LikeNEWPC work?

The program automatically runs 12 different tools and scanners that thoroughly FIX problems the others can’t.

Step 1 performs low level fixes and validation on boot, system files, hard drive, drivers and hanging programs to repair non-starting or disabled computers. For best results it is advised that this step be ran in its entirety without interruption.

Step 2 is the best Virus / Malware and Cleaning product available today for Slow and badly infected computers. Leveraging the stability obtained during step 1, we then use 7 different industry leading scanners and tools in a redundant process to remove ALL types of malicious programs. No other product provides this level of cleaning and repair.

Why do I need to remove my Virus protection?

Should we detect compromised or conflicting security programs you may be asked to remove them at the start of Step 2. These programs are the major cause of computers being slow as they become corrupted by the viruses and malware. Don’t worry you can simply reinstall after step 2 completion or download one of the FREE tools we provide.

Why is LikeNEWPC more effective than my Virus Scanner?

Current products only address Viruses and other threats leaving much of the corruption they create intact. To thoroughly clean and repair invasive damages four other areas should be addressed such as Boot/startup, Hard disk corruption, Software conflicts, and Windows files/settings repair.

Is this just another Driver fixer, Fix me this or Turbo that?

The market has been muddled with false claims and bad products. Everything from registry cleaners to driver fixers and speed enhancers to USB’s that act as hard disks to clean your computer. Most are simply scams to get your money, others offer partial relief by cleaning up some areas. No other product on the market combines and repairs all five areas for total PC health as LikeNEWPC does.

Would Tech’s use it?

LikeNEWPC is successful because we follow a process to repair your computer. Much like the best technicians we first ensure the boot and hard disk are stable and then disable services that stop repair tools from working. Once we have a solid platform without disabling services running, we then perform redundant Virus, Malware, Rootkit, Trojan scans to ensure through repetition we get the best cleaning available on the market today. Just the savings in time for your local technician makes LikeNEWPC a required tool for volume repairs.